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About Sunday Shoez 

Here at Sunday Shoez absolutely nothing is off limits. From fashion and fitness to politics and celebrity entertainment.

On any given day Sunday Shoez will explore breaking news, the latest fashion trends, new health fads, political advances and absolutely everything in between.


Publisher & Content Manager Courtney Apthorpe 

Courtney Apthorpe is the founder, publisher and editorial director of Australia’s biggest up and coming website

She began her career while studying Journalism at Southern Cross University, as a promotions coordinator at a Sydney Based Radio station. Courtney went on to become a producer at Radio 2UE and a health and fitness writer. You can see Courtney’s work published across different media outlets, her strong opinion being hard to miss. Sunday Shoez started off as a personal blog for Courtney, but soon became a well-established website with a small team of contributors. 

Content Coordinator Hayley Norman

After 5 years working as a financial adviser Hayley Norman decided to join the wide world of media and build her very own, very successful business, Minx Amour. Hayley is 30 years old with two beautiful children and a great eye for detail. Hayley will continually update with the latest Celebrity Entertainment, Fitness Trends and Health Guidelines. With Hayley on board, you absolutely will not miss a thing

Makeup Artist  & Beauty Expert Tanya Monahan

Tanya Monahan is an extremely creative person and an all-round beauty expert! Being a professional make up artist, hairstylist and performer, she is totally in the zone of all things within the beauty world! Also involved within the health industry, her passion is to start the process from the inside out, to help people look and feel their absolute best! 




Guest Blogger Alyce Shaw

Alyce Shaw is a Journalism student at RMIT University whose passion is entertaining. Whether it be writing or talking, her bubbly personality makes Alyce a perfect guest blogger for Sunday Shoez. She is into all things girly and chick but definitely has a bit of an edge. Alyce will be contributing to Sunday Shoez with the latest Celebrity Entertainment, Fashion and Fitness trends… and anything else she feels passionate about.

Guest Blogger Sokhar Pou

Sokhar Pou is a third year Journalism student who loves to write about anything food, fitness and fashion related. Sokhar’s major love for reading and writing, makes her an important contributor to Sunday Shoez. Sokhar is also outgoing and enthusiastic and not afraid to speak her mind, so watch out for her snappy articles!




Creative Writer Buse Harper

Buse Harper is a Journalism student with a love for writing, fashion and an unhealthy amount of caffeine. She is an amateur photography enthusiast and prides herself on being a realist. Keep a look out for her creative and compelling articles.


Guest Writer  Abigail Ward 

Abigail Ward is fresh out of high school, and trying to find some sort of direction in her life. Though she excelled in HSC English and Drama, she is far too proud to settle anywhere and will happily flit about on the winds of fashion with her dry sense of humour and her fantastic pair of legs. She is unashamedly blonde, and her writing style was famously described as a cynical husband going through a belated mid-life crisis. Watch out for more ramblings!


Fashion & Beauty Writer Laura Barry

Laura likes to think of herself as an adventurer and collector. She has an insatiable desire to see the world and experience different cultures, while collecting beautiful keepsakes along the way. Laura is a third year Journalism student and shoe addict who is partial to studs, spikes, buckles and all things leather. While Laura believes in taking life by the horns, she also likes to just go with it and see where the winds of life take her.

Fashion & Fitness Writer Holly Pedersen Holly is a third year Journalism student with a heart of fashion, beauty and fitness. Growing up with fashion magazines scattered around the coffee table at home and her bedroom, Holly has an eye for all the latest trends and tips! She has a weakness for leather or denim mixed with a plain white tee and is a believer in keeping it simple – but chic! With a bubbly and quirky writing style, Holly has a way of grabbing anyone’s attention.

Celebrity Entertainment Writer Georgina Harris

Georgina Harris is a Journalism student at the University of Notre Dame; with a passion for all things celebrity, fashion and pop culture, she is never shy of an opinion or two. With her unique and humorous writing ability, Georgina will never let any pop culture phenomena go un-scrutinized. Georgina will be contributing to Sunday Shoez with all the latest pop culture, fashion and celebrity news you need to know! 






Hi everyone,

Sunday Shoez has moved. We are now operating from a brand new website where we can sell our beautiful soy wax candles and amazing fashion pieces.

The site is brand new and we pride ourselves on  having no limits. Anything and everything can be spoken about, from fashion and fitness, to politics and personal body issues.

Sunday Shoez is now a small team with a Publisher, Content Coordinator, Leading makeup artist and a few guest bloggers.

We have some amazing photo shoots in progress that will be published on our site, as well as daily gossip and celebrity entertainment. You wont miss a thing with Sunday Shoez.

We want to build our site by including personal experiences from our followers, so please feel free to contact us if you have a story you would like to share.

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